Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Salam everyone...

It has been quite some time since I've contributed any entries into my blog to be shared with everyone. Finally, we are in the last month of the year 2009, December. Not forgetting, the last month of the Muslim calender, too. Zulhijjah, 1430 Hijrah.
There are  many incidents happening around us, the monsoon season together with the flood in the east coast and the northern states, the Form 5 students sitting for their SPM and the form 6 students with their STPM exams. The pilgrims who went to perform the Hajj, the 5th pillar of the Rukun Islam are making preparations to come back home after performing their rites. School children are on holiday now and are counting the days to go on vacation with their family. Parents, especially mothers are on alert to the Back To School sales promoted by the shopping outlets. Mothers are complaining that they are spending more time in the kitchen nowadays because their children are always requesting a long list of menu each day, especially those staying in the hostels. Mum's Cooking Is Always The Best!
As for me, everything have been going on fine. As a teacher, my career days are coming to an end soon... I've attended school on the 20th. of November 2009, the last day of school. My intention is to meet my colleagues and 'children' there. My! Even before I could open the door of my husband's car, the children crowded and started to call me, "Teacher, you're back! Are you coming to teach us? When will you start work? Why were you absent from school for so long? What have happened to you? Teacher,........." The children kept on pouring out questions after questions due to their curiosity instincts. I could not answer to any of the questions, not even one. My heart sank. I was stunned and tried my very best to hold back the tears.
Everyone was eager to shake hands with me until I saw a girl trying to keep her distance from the crowd. Suddenly, a boy called out,"Syidah, come and shake hand with Teacher. Why are you shy? You are the one who have been asking for her all this while..." I called Syidah, and finally, she shook hands with me.
Well, Syidah is someone special in my career life. She is a girl who demands a lot of attention. I started to get to know her when she was in Year 1. Not because I was teaching her, but because of the scabies affecting her fingers. Since I was the teacher-in-charge of the Red Crescent Society in school, her class teacher had sent her to me to do the dressing. So, while dressing the sore fingers, I chatted with her and got to know her better. From that day onwards, she would come to see me every school day to clean the wound until she has fully recovered!
When Syidah was in Year 4 in 2008, I became her class teacher. Almost every teacher who taught her would face problems while teaching in her class. She would distract the other pupils' attention by making noise, disturbing her friends or even leaving the class without the teacher's permission. I have even suggested her name to be included in the 'Pendidikan Khas' class with recommendations from the School Counsellor, but it was rejected. One of the reasons given is that, Syidah could differentiate the teachers in school. She would greet the Ustazah and the other Malay teachers with 'Assalammualaikum', but whenever she saw me and the other English Language teachers she would greet us with 'Good Morning/Afternoon. Even when we were in a crowd, she would greet us differently...
One incident which remained in my mind was the day when she asked me this question. She was doing her Remedial Work as usual during my English lesson. When the other children started to do their written work, she looked into my eyes and asked,"Teacher, why are you always being good to me? Everyone else would usually scold me, but not you." I answered,"No, that is not right. Everyone wants to be good to you, but you did not realize it. Be good to them and then they will be good to you..." Some of my colleagues even nicknamed her as my 'daughter'. Simply because I would keep her books and stationaries on my table in the staffroom. Every morning, she would come to see me and take them while, in the afternoon, she would see me again to return them back. Why? If she was to take those books and stationaries back home, she would come back to school empty-handed the next day, for sure...
Well, back to the reason why I had made an effort to attend school that day, despite of myself being feeble. First and foremost, let me congratulate the Headmaster, Teachers and Pupils of SK Seri Gading for their success in the UPSR 2009. CONGRATULATIONS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! A rural school achieving 85% and having 9 out of sixty over pupils getting 5 A's including an 86% achievement in English Language is really the sweetest memory to cherish before I finally retire...
Looking back to about 13 years ago when I first came to this school, many changes have been made to the school. I could still remember having to take over the Year 6 Class in June right after waving Goodbye to my Year 6 pupls in SK Taman Setiawangsa in Kuala Lumpur. With a 36% achievement in their UPSR, I started to roll up my sleeves and get started with my job. Well, all in all, it took years and with the cooperation from everybody in the school that the school managed to get up and maintain the good performance. Alhamdulillah... We did it! Everybody in the school is very cooperative. We are like a big family and very united. Be it any projects from whatever subjects or fields, everyone is willing to give a hand. Although I am not ready to retire from being a teacher yet, I have to agree with the cardiologist's suggestions. I have to withdraw myself , but deep down in my heart, I am still yearning to continue teaching...

Last but not least,I have to always remind myself that I am now a RETIRED ENGLISH TEACHER...


Front row from left to right: Toyibah, Yusnita, Zaiton, Kamaliah, Kasnan(SKBK), Hj. Hamin (HM), Yusri, Arif, Sheikh and Mutakim.
Back row from left to right: Zehrah(SKC), Nor Ailin(KL), Norha, Muhairani, Roselina, Rohani, Hapizah, Nor Lina, Norfazlina, Mazlina(NS), Nora, Naseem Bibi(SKPB), Suzana, me, Halim and Sakmani(SKPR).


Seated from left to right: Rohaiza, Nor Lina, Mazlina(NS), Kamaliah, me and Nora.
Standing from left to right: Rohani, Norfazlina, Zaiton, Siti Zaleha, Yusnita and Roselina.


Suzana and me.