Monday, December 7, 2009


Another weekend had ended. There are still 4 weeks left before school reopens for the new year on the 4th. of January 2010. 
My third daughter, Fathiah is still struggling with her SPM exam. Two more papers to go before she will finally pack her things and come back home for good.
My second daughter, Nadiah is already home for her summer holidays until end of January 2010. Although she has been home for almost 2 weeks, she still goes to bed not later than 10 pm. and wakes up before 5.00am. the next day. Simply because of the 3 hours difference in time in Australia!
While my youngest daughter, Aisyah and youngest son, Ghazi are still enjoying the holidays. Helping me with the housework, doing their homework, (either being provided by the teacher or by me), their Quran lesson, serving the internet and watching television. There goes their routine for the holidays.
My eldest daughter, Huda is still attending school although the school holidays is only 4 weeks left. Starting from the first day of the SPM exam, she had been on duty as the invigilator in a big school in town. Nowadays, she is seldom at home because of her duty as a warden in the hostel until the SPM exam finishes on the 16th. of December. I could see the tiredness shown on her worn-out face when she comes home, but one thing for sure is, she seldom grumbles...
My hubby is as usual busy with his job...
Well, most of my friends, the ex-SMSJians batch 1974-1978 are planning to attend the Mini Gathering (MG) in Tanjung Malim on the 13th. of December. So, do I. We have been invited by our friends, Prof. Dr. Rosly and Fatimah to attend their first daughter's wedding ceremony. Insyaallah, Fati, I'll be coming with my hubby and children.
What a coincidence! We had our first Reunion for our batch after leaving SMSJ 30 years ago, on the same date last year in Kluang. And another coincidence!! My wedding anniversary falls on the same date, too! This year is our Silver Jubilee (25 years)!!!
We have just celebrated my eldest daughter's birthday more than a week ago, on the 26th. of  November. To think of it, Huda is our First Anniversary gift from ALLAH. Alhamdulillah... I could still remember being admitted to Batu Pahat Hospital in Jln Kluang a few days earlier before I finally gave birth to her. How my hubby had spent the night in our car on the night I went into labour. My! He just dozed off and slept very soundly until the nurse had to knock the windscreen several times to wake him up and told him the good news...! Just imagine, Huda was born at 3.03am! Almost everybody was sound asleep at that hour...
Every child is special in their own ways. As for Huda, besides being our first child, she is also my parents' first grandchild. She is also my parents-in-law first grandchild. Huda is the third generation in my family that pursue "teaching" as a profession after my father and me. Her students addressed her as Miss Radin and I came to know that she is a strict teacher. I guess the personality really suits her as a warden.
As parents, Ayah and Ibu wish you the very best in life. May you succeed well. We love you...

Huda's 1st birthday.

                                         Huda's first car.                                             Miss Radin

Huda and Aisyah's birthday cake.