Friday, August 14, 2009

Pistachio Replies Hazel's Letter

Dear Hazel,
Alhamdulillah. Things have been getting better for me nowadays. I have recovered almost 90 % of my usual self, but still there are a lot of the dos and the don'ts that I have to follow. Once in a while, I still need my children to assist me. First and formost, forgive me for addressing us ( our team ) as nuts. Regards to Walnut (R), Almond (A) and Cashewnut (F).

Yeah, I have to admit that I visit you almost every day. Just to get to know how you are getting on with your daily life. Don't worry. I understand your condition now, together with the others. It must have been very hectic for you all. With the UPSR coming in less than a month, I can imagine the strategies and preparations that you all are doing at present. Well, my prayers for the pupils to get excellent result in the coming UPSR, especially English Language. A result that is worth the effort...

Hazel, I have been always grateful to ALLAH that had given me a very good team all this while. The joy and sorrow that the whole team had shared before. The good and bad news that we have to bear when the result came out... Just like nuts, right? We have Almond London, Cashewnut Cookies ,Chocolate Hazel, Walnut Ice-cream and Pistachio in dates. Those nuts enhanced their taste! Actually you have a new pair of hands now. Make full use of the strong and graceful hands.

Sorry, Hazel. I can't and don't want to be your Nazir from far. Distance makes the heart grew fonder... The whole team is so close to me and yet so far, You know what I mean, right. As the head of the panel, just remember this, our friends are our mirror. They resemble us. Give them the colours of the rainbow, that is what you will get in return. I still want to be part of the team. I will be there whenever you need me. Remember that, ok.

Till then, good luck to you and your team in whatever tasks that is being given.
Best wishes.
Bye for now.


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~HaZeL~ said...

speechless.. hehehe
nnt dh siap marking i'll reply with the nuttiness of the nuts. hehehe (apa la merapu ni)