Sunday, August 16, 2009

Collection Of Entries From My SMSJ 78 Blog ( 3 )


It has been quite some time since my last entry to our blog. Well, for a married lady, as usual being a wife and a mother has always make us lost track of the time. The 24- hours that is being given to us each day doesn't seem to be enough. Since 4 out of my five children are back home, at least till this Thursday, I've been attending to most of their needs, especially the one studying in Australia.

First, the home quarantine that we had for the whole family. Alhough my girl was free from th H1N1 epidermic, we have decided to follow what the Ministry of Health had advised us to do. Anyway, 2 of my daughters who is a teacher and the other a Form 4 student, had to spend the one-week at their grandparents' house. So, my husband, my son and I had to accompany our daughter at home during the quarantine period. Luckily my husband is managing his own business, so he has already assigned his workers whatever their responsibilities are. As for me, since I am on MC till my official pension date, which is on 01.12.2009, it wasn't any problem for me to stay home for the quarantine. The happiest person during the quarantine is my son who is a Year 3 pupil! Even my maid was given a one week leave for her to spend in her village in Tanjung Balai, Sumatera. It was a blessing in disguise for her, I guess...

So, during the quarantine, there was so much that we did. "Gotong-royong" doing the housework, cleaning the house compound, washing the cars and of course, cooking. We were always hungry during the quarantine and for the first time I have managed to cook for my family almost every day! With so much effort from me and encouragement from my hubby and children, every meal seemed so special for everyone.

Alhamdulillah, none of us in the house had shown any symptoms of the disease. Moreover, I'm quite confident that my daughter is healthy even when she was in Australia because she has already been given the vaccine for normal influenza. At least, she has something acting as a shield to protect her from the disease.

After a week, everything was back to normal. My four chidren are now at home and we have also spent last weekend visiting my third daughter who is studying in MRSM Jasin. How my heart leapt with joy when the whole family managed to reunite after quite some time when my second girl left for Australia! Specifically at Monash University in Clayton, near Melbourne.

Well, tomorrow I have to go for my monthly check-up at Pantai Hospital. Hopefully, everything will be okay for me. I sure have a lot of good news to inform my cardialogist concerning the improvement and performance of my physical abilities. Just can't wait to see the smile on his face since I have tried to avoid using the wheelchair everytime I go for my check-up. 30 metres is my distance limit. Who knows it might increase one day, I hope it will be a blessing in disguise for me, Insyaallah...

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