Sunday, August 16, 2009


Friendship Remains And Never Can End
Dedicated to my beloved family and cherished friends...

This is just a note of appreciation to you all for reading and sharing your leisure hours in my blog. Writing has been my passion since I started schooling and taking reading as my hobby. It seems quite impossible for me to write a book. So when my children started to introduce me to the world of blogging and my beloved husband bought me this laptop ( Thanks a lot, Ayah... ), I have begun to write whenever I'm free. Moreover, my friends from SMSJ batch 1974 - 1978 have our own blog that we shared with everybody from Sekolah Menengah Sains Johor, Kluang. Mind you that the blog admin. has recently become one of my blog followers...

From that day onwards, I have enjoyed doing the three things that I have missed doing so much all this while. So, besides cooking and sewing, I started to enjoy writing. That is why I have been loading my personal entries from the other blog into my personal blog. Just for my own personal collection. With the encouragements that I got from my beloved husband and children, here I am. Sharing stories, news and other articles with you all...

With love from,
~ The writer ~

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RaDiN said...

hihi! rajin e skarang update..
trus banyak entri..
xsabar nk blk ni! haha!


jap lg ade amali kimia. hopefully boleh buat btul2 la..